Employment Verification

Employment Verification for School Staff

Schools need to ensure that their teaching staff and skilled workforce have the right professional experience. Employment verification for School staff assures you of the professional experience and skills an individual possesses. This is essential for building confidence in your staff and ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment for your students.
Across corporates, employment information is the most misrepresented by candidates to prospective employers for bagging jobs of their choice. Why would this data be any better for schools?
VerifyMySchool offers employment check results with in-depth verification of your staff’s past employment details. We leverage 12 years of experience and domain expertise to deliver comprehensive, accurate employment verification results to schools.

Key Validations

Employment verification services from VerifyMySchool verifies the following antecedents related to your staff’s past employment-

  • Does the school that the candidate claims to have worked for exist or did exist during the period of employment and is a recognized institution?
  • Has the candidate worked with that school as a full-time/part-time employee?
  • What was his/her designation and tenure of service?
  • Was his/her role in that school in line with whatever he/she has stated in his/her resume?
  • Who were the school authorities?
  • What was the candidate’s feedback on the previous school experience? Will he/she be considered for rehire?

The VerifyMySchool Advantage

  • Powered by AuthBridge, India’s #1 Background Screening Company
  • Deep domain expertise in employee screening and employment verification services; having delivered millions of screening checks across hundreds of clients over more than a decade of existence
  • Specialists in the blue collar, grey collar, and contract worker segment
  • Powering 700+ customers in India including Fortune 500

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