Education Verification

Education Verification for School Staff

Qualified teachers and well-read school workforce helps school build reputation and build trust with parents. Education verification of School staff verifies a individual’s education credentials and builds confidence in their skills and knowledge. This is imperative for delivering good quality pedigree to your students.
There have been many instances in the past where candidates have lied about their educational qualifications just to apply for a lucrative role. In addition to that, candidates embellish qualifications in a different light when they would have completed certificate via distance learning or from some institute which may not be known.
VerifyMySchool offers education check results with in-depth verification of your staff’s education credentials by means of verification through online database as well as connecting with the degree issuing authority directly.

Key Validations

Education verification should mandatorily be performed on those qualification(s) of the candidate that were ‘mandatory’ for him/her to get the job that he/she has been offered. Some aspects / antecedents that we authenticate during education background check are:

  • Roll No./Registration No. of the candidate
  • The course pursued/passed by the candidate
  • The year of course completion
  • Genuineness of pass certification
  • The affiliation and accreditation check of the institute/course

Any many more…

The VerifyMySchool Advantage

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  • Deep domain expertise in employee screening and employment verification services; having delivered millions of screening checks across hundreds of clients over more than a decade of existence
  • Specialists in the blue collar, grey collar, and contract worker segment
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