Court Records Database Check

Court Records Database Check for Schools

Court Record Database Checks support schools, preschools and education institutes to establish suitability of employees and volunteers to work with children and young people. Criminal background checks on school staff includes screening of:

  • adults who have regular contact with children or work in close proximity to children on a regular basis, viz, teachers, instructors, attenders, drivers, conductors, peons, watchmen, security guards, sweepers, housekeeping, aaya etc.
  • adults who supervise or manage persons in positions requiring or involving regular contact with children or working in close proximity to children on a regular basis; viz. principals, vice principals, supervisors, etc.

India- Court Records Database Check from VerifyMySchool runs an exhaustive check for criminal and civil cases in the name of an individual and delivers quick results to help ensure a secure learning environment for your school’s students and safeguard your school from future liability issues.

Key Validations

Our Offering confirms the existence of a candidate’s criminal and civil case record by searching online database of criminal and civil court records of the following courts:

  • Magistrate Courts
  • District Courts
  • State Courts
  • Civil Suit District Courts
  • Civil Suit State Courts
  • Criminal Suit – Magistrate Courts
  • Criminal Suit District Courts
  • Criminal Suit State Courts
  • Supreme Court of India

The VerifyMySchool Advantage

  • Powered by AuthBridge, India’s #1 Background Screening Company
  • Quick Results using advanced technology, search analytics and natural language processing
  • Deep domain expertise in employee screening and employment verification services; having delivered millions of screening checks across hundreds of clients over more than a decade of existence
  • Specialists in the blue collar, grey collar, and contract worker segment
  • Powering 700+ customers in India including Fortune 500

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