Address Verification

Address Verification for School Staff

Physical addresses provide means of accessibility to individuals in times of an emergency. School campuses are frequented with teachers, administration staff, blue collar workforce including drivers, conductors, cleaning staff, housekeeping, maids etc. It is imperative for schools to know their whereabouts to ensure complete safety of campus.
Cases where people supply fake address are rampant! Getting addresses registered in school database is not enough. Address of residence needs to be verified through on-site visits and through reference checks with neighbors.
VerifyMySchool offers address verification for school staff using cutting edge technology with location-tagging capabilities. Our field executives are equipped with mobile devices and state-of-the-art applications to record the verification processes, thus ensuring an audit trail.

Key Validations

While verifying your school staff’s address, key antecedents validated include:

  • Whether the stated address exists/tallies with the verified address
  • Duration of stay – whether the person stays/stayed at the address during the period mentioned
  • Relationship of the candidate with the person verifying the address details
  • Whether the residence being verified is owned or rented

The VerifyMySchool Advantage

  • Powered by AuthBridge, India’s #1 Background Screening Company
  • Deep domain expertise in employee screening and employment verification services; having delivered millions of screening checks across hundreds of clients over more than a decade of existence
  • Specialists in the blue collar, grey collar, and contract worker segment
  • Powering 700+ customers in India including Fortune 500

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