School principal booked for molesting woman teacher in Surat

A 50-year-old principal of a school was booked in Kapodra police station on Sunday for allegedly molesting a 25-year-old married woman teacher from his school. The accused forcibly molested her on Saturday in his office.

Police booked Dhansukh Kikani, principal of Nachiketa School, following complaint of the woman. The complaint was lodged after the family and known people of the woman had rushed to the school and heraod the accused inside the school. Police detained the accused from school to prevent any attack on him.

The woman alleged in her complaint that she went to seek leave from the accused when he held her hand and touched on body parts. The woman objected to the attempt after which the accused threatened her of dire consequences.

She later rushed out of the office and went directly to her home. She did not inform the family members initially. However, the family kept on asking her since she was quiet for long time. Following repetitive questions she informed them about the incident. After coming to know the family went to the school on Sunday.

They gheraod the principal who was at school. The situation was getting heated up meanwhile police arrived on the spot after being alerted. Police had to control the situation to prevent the family and other known people of the complainant from attacking the accused.

Source: The Times Of India

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