Safety norms for students: Govt to conduct criminal verification of staff

Ishtiyaq Ahmad Early Times Report Srinagar, Sept 13: in order to ensure the safety and security of students in schools, the state government has issued a mandatory direction to all the schools to get their staff verified by the local police stations. Sources said that the directions came in the wake of murder of a seven-year-old student inside the premises of a private school in Gurugran Delhi. Sources within the government told early Times that the government has directed all the schools in the state to install CCTV cameras in all classrooms, corridors, stairs, outside washrooms, and playground. Besides sources said that that all the schools in the state will be asked to submit the record of all employees to the local police stations. Sources said that the government will ask the schools for police verification of staff and van drivers and conductors. One of the top officials in the school education department civil secretariat told early times that they have issued the direction to the schools that they should take all safety measures including the verification of staff and installation of CCTV cameras in the schools. Sources said that most of the schools in the state don't verify the antecedents of drivers of school buses, private vans or auto-rickshaws ferrying school kids. "Schools barely check their history and employ them on the basis of driving license they carry," said one of the social activists. He said that police verification of staff is a must in schools. "Parents too cannot shy away from their responsibilities as they hire private vans for their convenience," the activist said and added that schools must take preventive measures so that Gurugram-like incidents could be averted. It is to mention here that the Jammu and Kashmir police shall conduct background checks of entire staff at schools in Jammu region. Sources within the police said that the schools have been asked to provide a list of their staff, including bus conductors, drivers, janitors, security guards and others. Police said that the move follows rising concern about safety of children at schools after a seven-year-old boy was found dead with his throat slit in the washroom of a prominent school in Gurugram.

Source- EarlyTimes

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