Top 9 Things to Consider Before On-Boarding a School Staff Background Verification Partner

Background verification has become one of the desperate needs for schools, especially in the wake of recent incidents of child abuse and murders across schools. It is imperative for schools to conduct a thorough background check on every incoming visitor- be it teaching staff or non-teaching admin, blue collar, visitor, drivers, maids etc.

Complete vigilance on movement of individuals is needed and needs to be ensured through real time identity verification. Similarly, schools need to dig deep into a candidate’s attitude and skills through profile and reputation checks before hiring. This includes employment and education checks, criminal verification, Police Verification and psychometric evaluation etc.

This is where schools need expert advise and reliable partners to conduct background verification on school staff. Just like how schools would go to great lengths to prove applicants’ reliability, they should do the same when choosing a background verification partner.

In fact, schools should be even more careful when choosing a vendor to work with for school staff verification because they are the ones who decide which applicants are trustworthy.

Here’s a checklist for schools to consider before choosing a school staff background verification partner

1. Focused services provider in background verification

Schools should ensure that their services provider have the desired capabilities to ensure safety-enabling services. Your vendor business must be dedicated to just background screening rather than offering diverse services with background verification being one of them.

It’s always preferable to have a focused services provider.

2. Experience and Expertise

Schools must ensure that they do not risk this verification exercise in the hands of a newbie or incompetent service provider. They should consider the years of experience the background verification partner has. Domain expertise adds to the credibility further. Clientele, success case studies and portfolio of services offered adds another dimension of useful insights to the same.

3. Quality output service provider

Schools need to be given an easy-to-understand report with quality insights. You must consider the process to receive the output and the output format before finalizing a vendor. School Staff verification reports must be accurate & delivery must be tech-enabled.

4. Adherence to Data security

Schools will be sharing information about their candidates which are personal in nature and hence, it needs to be handled with sensitivity. Your background verification partner must be compliant with ISO or other equivalent standards for information security and quality management. Schools should make sure that their preferred vendor follows a strict procedure for data security to protect information related to your job applicants.

5. Use of Technology

In today’s world, if your vendor is relying on manual operations, then you should reconsider your decision. Your school staff verification provider should provide tech-enabled background verification reports delivery. Use of technology makes the process quick & convenient

6. Industry foresights

Your background verification partner should stay on top of industry movement and changes. They should be dynamic and adaptable to the futuristic changes and should be able to support schools with ongoing developments in the school ecosystem. This is essential if you want your partnership to be long-term and reliable.

7. Reliability

Schools should ask themselves the question- Is our vendor our partner or our service provider only? A long term relationship can be established once both parties become partners to each other

8. Customer Support

Your background screening partner should be available in times of need. This means that the vendor should be approachable and accommodating.

9. Market Reputation

In the services ecosystem, feedback is crucial. One must have clarity on the market reputation of a background verification services provider before making a decision.

So, now that you know how to evaluate a background verification partner for your school staff, make sure you have an objective selection process with an evaluation/scoring matrix based on the above parameters.

At VerifyMySchool, we ensure that we offer more that what is listed above to our school partners.

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