Is your school staff’s whereabouts relevant?

Address of residence of an individual is one piece of information which is crucial to gauge an individual’s accessibility. While this information is treated casually by many, it has severe repercussions. Fake addresses can lead to loss of access I times of emergency, failed background verifications and loss of crucial insights while conducting research in criminal background using an individual’s address.

15% of prospects were found out to be providing incorrect previous addresses as per a recent market survey.

Address verification is a critical component of background verification because it substantiates one very important aspect of a potential candidate’s identity- existence and stay. It is no surprise to think that candidates resort to all possible means to have their hands on lucrative jobs, especially the ones who have had a criminal past linked to their previous area of stay and put efforts towards a completely new image. Schools may or may not believe so while verifying other aspects of the candidate. But today, fake addresses are increasingly being used to hide past criminal history and records. A thorough address verification will make sure only genuine and identifiable individuals in the picture and make a secure school environment.

Address Verification of Blue Collar in Schools- The Process

Address verification has been lately gaining significance due to some recent coercion and terrorist activities. It is important to have the correct address of your blue collar staff. An accurate address and location facilitates smooth communication and reach between the school authorities and its people.

An address check will also support criminal database check of the individual.

VerifyMySchool ensures physical visits to the prospective candidate’s current and permanent addresses during address verification. This is enables using GPS technology, real-time tracking, picture upload and other necessary measures.

In case of an individual’s unavailability, references and feedback are sought from neighbors!

It helps in tracking school staff in emergency cases of absenteeism, disciplinary issues, or other violations.

Our address verification process assures you to provide you with candidates with a crime-free past and clean identity.

Case Study: An incident of address fraud can have sever repercussions

An employee was hired for an associate position, with the relevant documents gathered within time. He had hidden his actual address to mask off his past records & revelations. This fake address was soon fished out with a thorough investigation & physical visit. An address proof also substantiated identity of an individual. The fake address proof spelt disaster for the hiring organisation as the identity of the candidate was also found to be fake.

There aren’t any doubts about people who are going an extra mile to hook the right opportunity. Especially, those with backgrounds of disreputable addresses will try to hide their past by assuming new addresses to prove a brand new identity.

They often get away with it, due to the slipshod methods of address history check. A robust address verification tool will ensure that only the right candidates walk into schools and given custody of some innocent lives. The address verification process brings to light all those who have lived at the same address, as well as throw light on the candidate’s earlier addresses. Plus, it helps to combine, collate information from relatives, friends and neighbors. During the course of the address check, valuable info is collected and people contacted known to the candidates. If there is any disparity whatsoever in the address details, those uncertainties can be cleaned with a comprehensive background verification.

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