The Necessity of Criminal Verification for Schools to Ensure the Safety of Students

If there is any news in the past years that has left everyone shell-shocked, it’s that most schools are not as safe as we would like them to be. When parents drop off their kids at school in the morning, they want to believe that they are in a safe environment that does not pose any kind of threat to their safety and security. However, the harsh truth is that this is often not the case because many schools do not conduct criminal checks for school staff.

In reality, schools are easily accessible by individuals with a criminal history or criminal connection, especially the blue collar workers. There have been many instances of crime related to child abuse and even murder. This is exactly why carrying out a strict, thorough and unbiased criminal verification for schools is imperative. Criminal checks for school staff is one of the best steps school management can take to ensure the safety of children while they are on campus.

Just a year ago, there was a shocking incident in a Gurugram school where a 7-year old schoolboy was found dead, and this was followed by many similar stories. Following these incidents, the Central Board of School Education (CBSE) has released a safety checklist with 117 points that every school across the country should follow. One of these points is making police verification mandatory before on boarding any teaching and non-teaching staff. However, the problem is that police verification, without criminal checks for school staff is not completely fool-proof.

Why police verification alone without criminal verifications for schools is not enough

To be able to understand why police verification without criminal verification for schools does not completely ensure the safety of children on the campus, we first need to understand just what a police verification is. Put simply, a police verification checks for any record of criminal activity of an individual in the jurisdiction they currently reside in or has resided in the past.

This means that if candidates do not provide all their previous addresses, there is a possibility that criminal records will not be identified. Moreover, candidates can provide fake IDs with no history of criminal activities, giving them the opportunity to easily get away with any criminal record.

However, with criminal checks for school staff, professionals will be extensively going through court records across the country, looking for any sign of negative or undesirable behaviour from the candidate. Detailed online repositories and new technologies like advanced APIs (Advanced Programming Interface) enable background screening companies to conduct exhaustive searches and verification, providing accurate and reliable results in just a few minutes.

It won’t matter if candidates provide only their current address or selectively provide addresses where they don’t have any criminal record. Every activity that is in court records will come to light, and schools can make smart hiring decisions accordingly.

For the purpose of criminal verification for schools, professional background screening companies like VerifyMySchool offer dependable and reputed services. We have been helping various schools and other institutions conduct criminal checks for school staff, creating a safe and secure environment.

Why criminal checks for school staff is a must

Below, we share some of the reasons why criminal checks for school staff is so crucial.

• It helps to prevent instances of child abuse, whether physical, emotional or sexual, and even murder in schools.
• A thorough criminal verification gives your school a reputable brand image and lends credibility. Parents will feel at peace leaving their kids with you.
• You can save your school from many unwanted litigations, negative publicity and financial risks.

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