Managing Visitors Across Schools While Ensuring Safety & Vigilance on Campus

Schools are meant to be safe havens for children. But the slew of sexual assaults and murders of innocent children on the school premises has put India on guard. Today, there is a need for thorough identity verification for school staff and comprehensive evaluation of all the people who are allowed to come into contact with children in schools.

It can be highly challenging keeping track of staff and visitors when they visit schools. While CCTV cameras do aid visitor management in schools, it can become difficult to monitor and track people’s movement in areas without CCTV coverage, which can cause serious risk to the safety of children.

A good way to establish a monitoring system is to conduct background verification of all staff and visitors right at the start. In fact, given the continued rise in violence against school children, many parents and child protection agencies are calling for mandatory identity verification for school staff and visitor management in schools.

Curbing crimes against minors through identity verification for school staff

Schools receive a very high footfall, in the form of parents, teachers and administrative staff, cleaning staff, catering units, utility personnel, security personnel, school bus drivers, delivery personnel and other visitors. Often, these visitors are given access to various areas of the school, often going right up to classes within close proximity of children.

Without proper visitor management in schools, this type of access to children can lead to unsafe situations. A comprehensive background check can help school management identify people who regularly visit schools, the purpose of their visit and any history of crime (specifically against children). It will also help raise any red flags that exist, which can help school management take proactive action to keep their students safe.

Verifying the identities of teaching and non-teaching staff

Children are most accessible in schools by teaching and non-teaching staff, which includes administrators, cafeteria staff, cleaning staff, transport staff and security staff. Identity verification for school staff right at the hiring stage can help school managements understand whether the applicant is a safe and reliable investment or not.

Background verification for teacning & non-teaching staff includes:

· National identification verification

· Personal documents authentication (for bills and bank documents)

· Professional reference checks

· Court records verification

· Address verification

Police verification will also be conducted to ensure that the applicants are who they claim they are.

Monitoring visitors to schools

School security personnel must at all times ask for valid identification from school visitors. No visitor must be granted access to the school premises without an authenticated ID proof. Having advanced visitor management systems in place can help schools streamline their efforts in making their premises safer.

Schools need to first train security personnel in authenticating and verifying the National Identity documents like Aadhaar, PAN, passport, Voter’s ID and DL. Next, the details of all visitors must be added into a centralised data management system to be looked-up whenever necessary. This type of visitor management in school, coupled with the extensive use of CCTV cameras, ID-only access, easy-to-reach alarm systems and X-ray machines can provide school children with the safety and security they need.

Each visitor, be they parents or utility personnel like plumbers and electricians must be provided and tagged with a specific ID and this ID must be checked at all primary entry and exit points within the school. Knowledge of where each visitor is at every moment of their visit can help security personnel actively track the movements of people and identify if anything seems amiss.

Helping make schools a safe place for children

A child comes to school thinking he/she is safe. It is the duty of school management to actively work towards making the school premises a safer place for their students. Background verification service providers can help school management in this endeavour.

A background verification service provider has extensive experience conducting identity verification for school staff. They also have considerable experience setting up advanced systems for visitor management in schools. They are very well-equipped to help schools conduct a national ID check, address proof check and other important background checks for teaching and non-teaching staff. They can also help school management set up state-of-the-art systems to permanently store information about any visitor or guest who comes into the school.

Background verification companies can help set the stage for a safer learning experience. With them as safety partners, schools can focus on imparting quality education to their students in an environment that’s safe and secure.

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