Ensure Teaching Staff through Education Check

Human tendencies to forge for an attractive job

In a massive employment market where finding a job is a tough call, people are resorting to unfair means like ‘misrepresentation of qualifications/credentials’ in order to appear more attractive for a hefty job. Schools are considered scared institutions for children, hence the staff taken in must be thoroughly verified and their credentials validated. While some of these actions are fairly apparent to the hiring managers, not all misrepresentations will be easily found out until a background check is conducted. Background check is a valuable technique for selecting the right candidates in school and if it is used consistently and effectively, this simple step can eliminate numerous untoward incidents in the future.

Education qualifications are inevitable as a part of background check. Distorting education credentials is a common recourse among candidates in order to bag a convenient school job. There are cases when candidates have hidden gaps in their education or employment, at times they claim to own degrees from supposedly renowned universities which turn out to be fake. A candidate’s educational qualification holds importance because it highlights the credibility and ‘fitment’ of a candidate to a particular designation. If a candidate forges his educational certificates it reflects the lack of knowledge possessed.

In background screening process, education verification is one of the most important checks as employers judge the potential of employees on the basis of education, experience and learning. An educational background check is a concept becoming increasingly acceptable by even schools today, as the best practice to combat manipulation pertaining to education. School management gives utmost importance to the legitimacy of the candidate’s credentials earned throughout their studies.

What is an education verification?

Education verification is performed on those qualification(s) of the candidate that are ‘mandatory’ for him/her to get the job/designation at offer. Some antecedents that are authenticated during education background check are:

1. Roll No./Registration No. of the candidate

2. The course pursued/passed by the candidate

3. The year of course completion

4. Genuineness of pass certification

5. The affiliation and accreditation check of the institute/course

A close eye on every incumbent must be conducted by running a detailed education background check as a person’s education speaks a lot about the candidate’s knowledge, purpose and intention.

How is education check conducted?

Background screening companies conduct education verification by contacting the educational institution/university of the candidate that issued the degree/certificate at the time of exit. There are some educational institutions which outsource the task of responding to verification requests to third party data repositories that makes the process of education verification more efficient. Student Services Bureau powered by AuthBridge is one of the powerful repositories used to respond to education check queries. In such cases, companies seeking educational information of their prospective employees can directly contact these repositories.

Once the background screener authenticates information about the candidate, schools can take an informed hiring decision to fill their teaching staff positions. It will save a gamut of schools from incurring the cost in hiring a candidate presenting fudged education certificates.

Thus, for a safe, productive and healthy school environment education check is a must. organisation can keep the risk arising out of a wrong hire at bay through education background check on their prospective employees.

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