Criminal Verification of Blue Collar in Schools

Criminal background checks of prospective employees and sometimes on customers is considered as an ‘essential’ across corporates. Reasons could be many; adherence to global, national or state law requirements, risk mitigation of bad hiring or simply to prevent frauds. However, the education institutions ecosystems across schools have not institutionalized this practice.

With recent outrage amongst the parents following unfortunate cases across schools, CBSE released a 117-point safety checklist. Police verification, an important aspect of criminal background check, was made mandatory as a part of these CBSE Guidelines.

The major reasons that make criminal record check, an important part of background screening are as highlighted under:

1. To secure innocent kids from any accidents and mishaps in the premises.

2. To ensure the credibility and reputation of the school under scrutiny. When past convictions and records are checked in time, the prospective staff member can be reconsidered for job.

3. To shield the school management from damage to brand reputation and negative impact on financial stability.

4. To help authorities stay complaint and legally secure if at all an untoward incident takes place.
Indeed, it is alarming when your potential hire is found out to have a criminal past/history. It turns out to be the worst deal breaker for the school leaders and their supporting staff per se.

Criminal Records Check involves searching court records across the country for any record related to the individual being screened. Court Records screened for this purpose includes:

• District Civil Courts & Tribunals
• High Courts
• Supreme Court
• Magistrate Court
• District Court
• State Courts
• Criminal Suit – Magistrate Court
• Criminal Suit District Court
• Criminal Suit State Court

An important point to understand here is that a criminal record does not essentially mean that the individual is a criminal. It helps to pin down any past criminal connections to ensure genuine hiring across schools. There are a few key factors that determine whether or not a criminal can be considered for employment or not and how you can stay compliant with state and federal verification laws.

If someone is found to have a negative past, the first step is to update yourself on the important legal matters that can take your institution to the court. At the same time, individual assessments are extremely relevant as they just help to reconsider candidates based not on their criminal records alone.

School management & authorities’ fish in deep waters to find the best of the staff (teaching & non-teaching) for their institution. With increased hiring trending like wild fire around the economy, it is all the more needed to allow a criminal sneak in to know the truth of hires. Schools must accord utmost importance to their reputation & name, a slight overlook here can cost them a mountain. Not conducting an in-depth, rigorous and structured background screening will not reveal the truth behind the “too good to be true” picture of the prospect. At the earliest stage, you want to ensure that the potential hire you take in for a prestigious position is crime-free & reliable. A bird’s eye view is critical, not only from an identity perspective, but also to unearth the legibility and criminality aspect of his profile is imperative.

A school management can choose to take decisions independently based on the criminal record check and offer a position to the potential candidate! Reemphasize on the importance of background screening so that the criminal intentions of the candidate can be brought to fore. (Read more)

The following checks must be conducted in composition:

1. ID verification of Aadhaar, Voter’s ID, Driving Licence, Passport etc.
2. Criminal antecedent court check across India
3. Temporary or permanent address verification via Physical checks across India.
4. Police Verification Certificate (PVC) across India

So help create a safe, secure and healthy environment inside school premises.

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