How can Schools win TRUST from Parents? Here’s 4 easy steps!

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How can Schools win TRUST from Parents? Here’s 4 easy steps! Every parent wants to create a secure and successful future for their children. They go the extra mile to ensure best in-class education for their children in renowned schools. Concerned about their child’s whereabouts, safety/ security, the company they keep and their education, parents conduct extensive due diligence before zeroing into any school for admissions. Their research and decision making is based on multiple factors including school’s location, infrastructure, curriculum, credentials, staff, references etc. All these factors are critical...
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5 Background Checks for School Staff Verification (Part 1)

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Background verification of school staff is a must have to address vulnerabilities in the school ecosystem and create a “Safe School” environment. Recent unfortunate incidents across schools only reinforce the fact. Following this, centre issued circulars for schools to run periodical inspections of their buildings and premises, and submit a report on a quarterly basis. Not just this, police verification and psychometric tests of school staff, installation of surveillance systems and many other guidelines were issued by the CBSE. While parents are worried, schools are looking for the right guidance...
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