Aadhaar Based Identity Checks for School Staff

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Identity frauds are increasing at an exponential pace across the globe. A whopping 15.4 million Americans were victims of imposters in 2016, according to a research by Javelin Strategy & Research [1]. Cases of Identity frauds typically involve stealing/using identity documents of innocent people and parading around with their identities. This precisely involves fake documentation, and distribution of the same documents. For the victims, the repercussions can be grave and long-lasting – ranging from job loss to legal implications. Identity Verification for School Staff Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID,...
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Scandalous conditions persisting inside schools!

In the past months, India has been witnessing a lot. A horrendous murder and many incidents of sexual molestation within the premises of private schools. Following the murder of a Pradyuman Thakur, a 7th grade student of Ryan International, state, central governments along with educational boards issued guidelines to ensure the safety of students in these schools. Safety audits were declared compulsory for schools across all the states. Nearly 3 months after the horrific murder, the urge to create safer schools seem to sputter out. The limelight was back on...
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Is your child dealing with criminal intentions in school?

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Unmasking the real face of the working staff has always been onerous. Criminal checks help in understanding individuals’ intentions by screening past records. Criminal check delves extensively through the past criminal records of the prospective hire inside the school premises. Though, there are ways to pick up signs of criminality from other background checks too, but a criminal check helps to find out an existing record in the candidate’s name, available in the public domain. Criminal checks are much needed in the evolving landscape, especially with the emerging need for...
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Security and Safety in Schools- The Current Scenario

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“Less than 10 persons out of the 51,902 teaching and non-teaching staff members in city-based schools have criminal antecedents,” reported a recent survey. The child rights experts’ claim that loopholes in the background verification of school staff may not have provided a correct picture, and the figure is quite hazy. Till quite recently, checks were restricted to verification of the Crime Criminal Information System, which is a database of those who have committed an offence. After receiving written applications from teaching and non-teaching staff of schools, their names are being...
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How to Avoid ‘Safety Breaches’ in Schools?

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28 cases of rape and sodomy were reported in school premises and school vans in Delhi since 2014. Incidents like rape, eve-teasing, sexual-harassment and molestation are blurting as headlines across the media. Such incidents are not just limited to adults- increasingly such incidents are being reported across schools pan-India. Recent unfortunate incidents have drawn attention of schools authorities towards safety and background screening practices across schools. In fact, more than 50 % cases of child molestation have been reported from all over India and recently there has been a 6%...
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Why schools need to wake up to Background Verification of School Staff

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Safety in schools and compliance to guidelines have been an ongoing topic of debate and discussions off late. Schools across our country have not been proactively considering risk mitigation procedures. With unfortunate incidents, Police verification and psychometric evaluation of school staff has become mandatory for all educational institutions & universities . Hiring staff without critical background checks like ID verification, address verification, education check etc. can put innocent lives at stake. A 7-year old boy in Gurgaon was allegedly murdered by an 11th grade student studying in the same school,...
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Police Verification in Schools: Everything you need to know

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Safety guidelines were issued by CBSE after the ghastly murder of a 7-year-old boy in a school in Gurugram. Police verification in Gurugram schools and across the nation is what followed next. The CBSE came out with a 117-point check list for schools to ensure safety across schools; this was modified time and again. Various state governments and education bodies also released circulars and safety guidelines when the incidents were hot. While the Ryan incident stole the limelight, the harsh truth is that such incidents are taking place across education...
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Why Schools need a ‘Structured School Staff Verification’ Program?

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Education is a key driver of our country’s GDP. The sector not only creates skills and employability, it also employs a good proportion of people across the nation. Schools, playschools, colleges, universities and other sects of this ecosystem employ white collar staff like teachers, instructors etc. as well as blue collar staff like office boys, admin staff, maids, drivers etc. Students are exposed to this entire ecosystem, which traditionally has been operating on implicit Trust. While hiring employees, schools conduct interviews to judge a person’s skills and character; they do...
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8 Things you should know about a school before you make a choice

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No matter what the age or the curriculum is, the responsibility as parents never really waives off. There is ALWAYS a constant effort to provide the best possible atmosphere for kids, both at home and at school! Months of research and running around to find the right school also doesn’t ever feel enough. This is a decision that literally impacts the learning path for the kids. Today, when social media is filled with uncensored news of what is happening inside some of the most reputed schools, it is so much...
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10 Misses by Schools during School Staff Verification

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Schools in the wake of competing with their counterparts with regard to pompous fee structure, extensive co-curricular activities, aggressive personality grooming sessions, etc, forget to pay attention to the important facets of school lives i.e. safety. Let us take your attention towards some critical questions as highlighted below: 1. Did the security guard at the gate ask for identification when someone visited the school? Were you asked to enter your details in a register before entering the school and did the guard cross check that the information entered matched your...
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